Zumbers is a free mental calculation game  

Children love playing games, it is an axiom that everyone knows and that doesn’t need to be proven. Sometimes, parents are concerned about the fact that their offsprings devote too much time to ludic activities instead of studying. But some games can improve pupils’ scholar performance. Zumbers is a game of this kind. This app helps to improve the capacities for mental calculations in a playful manner. You will calculate faster and better after playing it, but above all, you will understand that mathematics can be fun, joyful and competitive.

Cambridge Primary. An introduction for parents

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More universities in Germany welcome Cambridge qualifications

With the continued growth of Cambridge International AS & A Level, more students with Cambridge qualifications are applying to study at universities in Germany – from within Europe and beyond.

Germany is the world’s most popular non-Anglophone study destination, and the fourth most popular overall – only the US, UK and Australia welcome more international students each year. In September 2014, Germany abolished university tuition fees for all applicants making Germany an especially attractive destination country for undergraduates.

Following visits to universities in the Cologne/Bonn area, we are pleased to report that all the institutions we met have now issued us with formal statements of recognition for Cambridge International AS & A Levels, and our other post-16 qualification, Cambridge Pre-U. Visits to other parts of Germany are now being