Conditions of admission

Regarding the admission to the first grade, the priority goes to pupils of Edu Valem kindergarten. In 2016/2017 we will form two first grades. 1st A will be led by Liudmila Kokosha and Natalia Vassilieva, 1st B will be led by Tatiana Varnava and Irina Koropatva.

Provided that there are additional places in the class, we also accept children from other kindergartens, after organising a meeting between the future pupil and our school psychologist and speech therapist.

In case if the decision about admission to the first grade is positive, we require the payment of 320€ in advance. It guaranties child’s admission and finances the purchase of study material and of school uniform. If parents will decide against the attendance of the school by their child, this fee will not be reimbursed.

The admission to the superior classes is also possible and is made after a case-by-case study. It requires an interview with the administration of the school and in some cases a meeting with school psychologist and speech therapist. It will also be necessary to buy the school uniform and the study material.