Tuition Fee

For Estonian citizens, the tuition fee for 2020/2021 academic year is 3000€/year. For foreign students, the fee raises to 6000€/year. The yearly amount might be paid in ten times (or with a lower frequency). In case if you pay an advance for the whole year, you will not be charged for any additional expenses that may accrue during the year, as the services of psychologist or of speech therapist.

This fee includes the education programme and activities for the full day, from 8 am to 7 pm, as well as the meal service.

Accordingly to the Estonian law about Private schools (§ 22 lg.6.), tuition fee cannot be raised by more than 10% per year. In 2020/2021, we do not plan to augment the tuition fee.

In July and in August we require to pay an addition fee of 29€ that cover amortisation of school facilities and helps to finance the school’s renovation and the expansion of library.

If during the school year the learning agreement is prematurely ended, we will still ask you to pay the mentioned sum of 52€.

We do not do reimbursement in case of non attendance of the school.

Tuition fee doesn’t cover following costs:

          • School uniform
          • Activity books
          • School material (notebooks, pens, pencils)
          • Services of speech therapist
          • Services of psychologist